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Homework: Unit VII-- World War II Packet List


Unit VII-- World War II Packet List


Unit VII--World War II Packet List
1. World War II Vocabulary
2. Dictators Threaten World Peace-Notes
3. Ch: 16; Sec.1 Dictators Threaten World Peace (ws)/
    Ch: 16; Sec.2  War in Europe(ws)
4. Totalitarian Regimes in Germany, Italy, and USSR
5. Events Leading to American Entrance in World War II
6. #1 Villain Letter (Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Tojo)
7. War in Europe--Notes
8. Ch: 17; Sec.2: Crises in Europe/Axis Control Map
9. The Holocaust Notes
10. U.S. Response to the Holocaust
11. Five-Actions the U.S. Could've Taken During the
12. America Moves Toward War
13. FDR's Declaration of War Speech
14. The United States in WWII--Notes
15. Ch: 16; Sec. 4 America Moves Toward (ws)
16. Ch: 17; Sec. 1 Mobilizing for Defense (ws)
17. Ch: 17; Sec. 2 The War for Europe and N. Africa (ws)
18. The War For Europe & North Africa
19. War in the Pacific
20. Japanese Internment Wrap-Up Questions/Haiku
21. Major Military Events of WWII
22. Allied Strategy in WWII
23. American Soldiers in WWII
24. Roosevelt's Foreign Policy  During WWII
25. The Home Front During WWII
26. The War Affects Technology & Industry
27. Unit VII "Picto-Word"
28. Unit VII; World War II Test Review
29. Unit VII Pre-Test




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